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Pro Wrestling Countdown: Edge’s Top Ten Greatest WWE Matches

Edge Final Title

Around this time last year, Edge  was announced as the headliner for the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame. It is hard for me to imagine what it must have felt like for Edge, who once sat at Wrestlemania XI and watched Hogan and Warrior in the main event, to enter a Hall of Fame full of men and women he admired as a young boy.

Professional wrestling, like almost any business in the entertainment or sports industry, is filled with people who are living out their lifelong dreams. Men and women who are really passionate about what they do. In saying that when it comes to pro wrestling, Edge was passion personified.

Being forced to retire at the age of 37, Edge had already spent over 15 years thrilling the WWE Universe and creating some of the most memorable matches and moments in the 21 Century WWE.

Despite playing a heel for a majority of his career Edge loved nothing more than walking through the ropes and giving wrestling fans the best performance he could with whomever he might have been wrestling that night.

Edge quite literally sacrificed his own body for the fans and industry that he loved.

So in saying that, I wanted to take a moment to look at the Rated R Superstar’s greatest matches and moments. I will warn you now, it gets a little violent. The Toronto native’s past has not always been PG.

Video Tribute to “The Rated R Superstar” Edge

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  • Ryan Frye

    Edge had so many great matches throughout his long, storied career, I don’t exactly pity you in having to put this list together. His best days inside the ring were definitely before he reached the main event, but later on he added more psychology and storytelling to make up for what his body couldn’t do anymore.

    My favorite Edge stuff is his feud with The Undertaker, just iconic really. Each of their matches had a purpose in advancing their terrific story, and none of them disappointed. I loved the WrestleMania match, but as Paul mentioned, the One Night Stand match they had may actually top that. I guess, in your defense, you needed some standard singles matches and not just all ladder and stipulation matches, lol. And main eventing WrestleMania against The Undertaker (from WM 23 on, we’ll say) is the highlight of pretty much anyone’s career, and Edge is no exception to that.

    The feud with Cena was great as well, although I wish Edge’s first WWE title reign would’ve been a bit longer that it was. I get what they were trying to establish with both men’s characters, but Cena chasing Edge—who could have weaseled his way into keeping the title for a couple matches—may have done a bit more for Edge. I guess it’s hard to criticize now though, with the success they both went onto have. The TLC match was great, and kind of personified both their careers. Edge in his hometown and in his specialty match, defending his first world title against John Cena, who prevails despite his back being against the wall.

    Great job on this, Ross, really enjoyed it.

  • Paul McIntyre

    This was a great list man, and I was impressed by your writing. One of the few issues I have with it is that I don’t think tag team matches should be included in lists like these; for my money, Edge/Mysterio vs Angle/Benoit was the best match he was EVER involved in, but it was only 25% his as opposed to the 50% of a singles match.

    For me, the top 10 Edge matches would be:

    1. Edge vs. John Cena – Backlash 2009
    2. Edge vs. Mick Foley – WrestleMania 22
    3. Edge vs. Matt Hardy – Unforgiven 2005
    4. Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero – SmackDown 26th September 2002
    5. Edge vs. Undertaker – One Night Stand 2008
    6. Edge vs. John Cena – Unforgiven 2006
    7. Edge vs. Randy Orton – RAW 30th April 2007
    8. Edge vs. Shawn Michaels – RAW 28th February 2005
    9. Edge vs. Test – Survivor Series 2001
    10. Edge vs. Kurt Angle – SmackDown 3rd October 2002

    All the matches you included were awesome, whatever the case. Well done.

    And as if it needs saying… THANK YOU EDGE!

    • Ross Rutherford

      I was very close to adding Edge’s match with Orton from Raw over their match at Vengeance. I was so torn. In the end though everyone is going to have a different ten. I can say I saw all of those matches when preparing for this article and not a single one of them was bad.

      When it comes to tag team matches I almost NEVER add them to a PWC, but Edge was such a prolific tag team wrestler that it was hard to ignore some of them. Regardless of the differences, thanks for commenting and giving your own list. Its always nice to have a different opinion.

  • SiD

    I miss Edge so much …. :/

    • Ross Rutherford

      Same. I’ve watched like 50 Edge matches this week alone. :(

      • SiD

        :/ WHY CAN’T HE COME BACK?

  • Joe Burgett

    I won’t Berge analyze this. But, I will say this was a great read and I loved the article, er slide show. Edge has been in some of my favorite matches ever. And this just made me want to go back and view them on YouTube

    • Ross Rutherford

      Thanks Joe.

  • Kevin Berge

    10. I like this match, but top 10 seems like a stretch. It was bloody and brutal. It was certainly one of the last good matches Flair had as a wrestler, but I feel there are a few he had that were a bit better especially Edge vs. Kurt Angle at Judgment Day 2002 and Edge vs. Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules 2009. Both are matches I would have definitely in the mix here.

    9. This one is a great match for sure. I’d probably put it even higher as it was so iconic and stole the show on that night despite what I thought was a good card overall. Foley pulled out a WM worthy performance despite being on the tail end of his career while Edge battled with a chip on his shoulder that elevated his game.

    8. I think both had the potential for a great match, but this never really got going. The pace was a bit lethargic with both men not quite able to accurately manage the time they had. Their TV match a few years later was much better as it was really coming at the point where they were at their best. This was still too early in their careers.

    7. When looking at the Undertaker’s streak, this was a great turning point where Taker really took his step with the Streak to make it legendary, but I still have trouble being invested in this match. I watched it live, and I remember not being that enamored with the action. It had a good story, but Edge and Taker didn’t quite click for a while. Still it was a good match, not Edge’s best, but one of his better WM matches.

    6. This might have been my favorite feud at that time in WWE. I loved the reality touches that made it feel truly volatile. This was two guys willing to kill each other over a woman, and the cage match was their best work. I love this match, and this is a good spot for it. Might be a bit high to some people but I think it deserves all its praise.

    5. I know it’s Shawn Michaels vs. Edge, but this seems a bit high for the match. It was a great match certainly, but was it better than some of the matches below it? I don’t think so. It was very fast, action packed, and brutal, but I didn’t think it was as much a masterpiece as an entertaining showcase.

    4. A great match that probably deserves to be this high. I personally was not as huge a fan of the spotfest as others, but these guys certainly deserve tons of praise for their work here. They put their lives on the line in this match more than many guys do their whole careers. It was insane action that was surprisingly more than just an entertaining brawl but had some depth. Still personally not a gigantic fan like some, but I will still watch one hundred times over.

    3. While I’ve never been a big fan of tag team matches despite being a supporter of the division, this match always has me on the edge of my seat. It was so perfect that it’s hard not to look back in awe. These guys were innovative, breathtaking, athletic, physical, and every other possible positive adjective you can come up with. Such a great match.

    2. I have always had to use caveats when praising TV matches because commercial breaks always ruin the flow of the contest making it less than perfect. This match though is one I cannot praise enough. It still has my personal vote for the greatest match Edge ever wrestled and one of the greatest of Eddie’s career as well.

    1. I love this match quite a bit but greatest match that Edge ever wrestled seems like a stretch. It is certainly top 10, but placing it higher than Edge/Eddie, the TLC and tag team matches, even Foley/Edge down there seems a bit much to me. Still I really enjoy watching this match many times over.

    Interesting list, good set of matches overall even though I have some changes I would make. Still what this does is just prove that Edge had many great matches in his career.

    • Ross Rutherford

      WOW. First of all, thank you for the detailed response. Second, I know you and I both understand that no one will ever have the same favorite matches as someone else. However what is present in both of out minds seems to be that Edge did have a ton of great matches.

      I honestly, more than any other PWC that I’ve done, had trouble picking and ordering his matches. He has had so many great ones. Edge probably wrestled “the WWE style” better than anyone else so it was difficult to narrow down. For example, his match with Orton from WWE Raw was originally on this list, but I felt like that match in ’07 should have been made into a bigger feud. It felt like they only had the match to break up the team and move on. So I felt conflicted about keeping it on.

      In any event, thanks for taking the time to read and give your detailed thoughts, Kevin. Have a great weekend.

      • Kevin Berge

        Yeah, absolutely, there’s no “right” list. It changes by personal opinion, and I know that there is not a list I have made when writing that hasn’t been wrong somewhat in almost every reader’s eyes.

        By the way, if you think this is big, wait until Judas writes his.