Dean Ambrose: Is WWE’s Latest Debutant Over Hyped?

For months now, wrestling fans have anxiously awaited the debut of WWE Developmental star Dean Ambrose. Many have heralded him as the next legendary wrestler, claiming that he will take WWE to a level not seen since the late 1990’s.

While this wait wasn’t always an easy one, fans were forced to do just that. In fact, many fans began to joke that Ambrose may not even exist!

Finally, the WWE Universe’s long wait was over, as Dean Ambrose finally appeared on WWE Television alongside fellow NXT Alumni Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, savagely thrusting Ryback through the announce table.

The trio has seemingly aligned themselves with the WWE Champion CM Punk and his acquaintance, Paul Heyman. While all 3 young studs have plenty of potential to be great, most fans are packed onto the Ambrose bandwagon.

But is he worth all the hype? Will he be able to deliver under pressure? Can Dean Ambrose become the next face of WWE?

When Ryback was violently put through the announce table, I was in the minority of people who were more pleased to see Seth Rollins then Dean Ambrose. This isn’t because I dislike Ambrose, but more because I’m hesitant to become a super fan of someone with such a ridiculous amount of hype behind him.

While hype is, for the most part, a wonderful thing, it can occasionally hurt the thing it surrounds. This can be seen as recently as WrestleMania 28, where The Rock and John Cena squared off in a match being billed as “Once In a Lifetime.”

Obviously claiming something is “Once In a Lifetime” will attract viewers, but the match suffered due to the unrealistic expectations WWE set for it.

Dean Ambrose may be going down the same road.

There’s no questioning Ambrose’s ability, both in the ring and on the mic. Just watch some of his old FCW matches and promo’s, the man is already better than most WWE Stars.

So no, it isn’t the talent that worries me. It’s the fact that people are already saying he should be a main event star.

This man has never stepped foot in a WWE ring, how can someone say that he deserves a title or that he should be the face of the company?

This is WWE, the odds of them letting Ambrose squeeze through their fingers is relatively high. While I doubt that will happen, fans should hold themselves back just a little before claiming that Dean Ambrose is the future of pro wrestling.

In one years’ time, he easily could be main eventing, Monday Night Raw, but he could also be injured or jobbing. Ambrose is young, talented, and has more potential than 90% of the roster, but isn’t saying someone is the future of anything before the actually do something a bit outlandish?

We’ve seen it in sports like Basketball, Football, and Baseball hundreds of times. Some people utilize the hype surrounding them to improve at their craft, while others shrink in it. Even in WWE, many wrestlers simply never live up to their potential. Until Dean Ambrose actually is given a chance to find a home on WWE Programming, it will be impossible to tell what his future in the company holds.

All I ask for is that fans give this man time to grow in WWE. He is still freakishly young to be anywhere near the main event scene, but he will likely be thrust into it. WWE has always had the tendency to push young guys into the main event scene before they are ready, often leading to failed title reigns, storylines, and characters.

This has happened to guys like Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, and The Miz, so it could also happen to Dean Ambrose.

Seeing as WWE is clearly looking to put Ambrose, Rollins, and Reign in a stable with the WWE Champion, it will certainly be interesting to see what the future holds for one of the brightest young stars in pro wrestling history.

In 3 years, we may finally know the answer to the question; is Dean Ambrose overhyped?

Well, is he? Let me know your thoughts on Dean Ambrose in the comments section below or via twitter @Innertube_Sean. Have a blessed day