Controversial Countdown: RAW 50 Greatest Moments Of All Time- Part V

In case you forgot (or just simply did not read previous parts) then here is what this series is all about.

WWE Monday Night RAW basically changed the way we view professional wrestling. It gave us a flagship show. It gave us a must-see show. If you enjoyed pro wrestling, you had to tune into RAW, because this was the one night of week that meant more than any other on the pro wrestling calendar. And even to this day, RAW is still considered WWE’s and basically pro wrestling’s biggest show of the week; which brings me to my point. How has Monday Night RAW continued to stay atop the wrestling world as its flagship show? Well, ladies and gentlemen, the answer lies within the moments that shape the show itself.

RAW has always revolved around moments. There have been hundreds of thousands of moments in RAW history, and today, I will start counting down the most special ones.

These are the moments that keep us coming back week after week. These are the moments that make us laugh, moments that make us cry, and moments that make us jump out of our seats in amazement.

These are the matches that make us proud to be fans; and the promos that keep us glued to our TV screens.

These are the moments that have allowed Monday Night Raw to continue for nearly twenty years; and the moments that are ingrained in all of our collective memories.

Today I present everyone with Part V of the 50 greatest moments in the history of Monday Night RAW!

#10: HBK vs. Cena II- April 23, 2007

Generally regarded as the greatest match in RAW history; Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena in a 40-minute classic was simply awesome! These two men had a great Wrestlemania main event about two weeks before this, and yet this match exceeded the storytelling and overall quality of that match.

This is one of the only actual matches on this list, which shows just how damn good it was. Rarely, if ever, do you see a match on RAW that lasts over 30 minutes, but when you do, it is near perfection

One of the greatest matches in both men’s long and storied careers; this is a classic and true Monday Night RAW gem!

#9: CM Punk shoots- June 24, 2011

No other shoot in RAW history has ever had the lasting impact that this one has. It revitalized WWE, and it defined one man’s career.

CM Punk went out there and infamously let out a careers worth of frustrations at the expense of John Cena, Vince McMahon, The Rock, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon etc. etc. It was this promo that ignited the fire; a fire still burning to this day. It was this promo that put CM Punk at the top, and made him the superstar that he is today. As a matter of fact, had it not been for this promo, Punk might just be defending the ROH Championship at a Ring Of Honor live event tonight.

What I am trying to say here is that this moment and this promo began the era of Punk in WWE.

#8: The Chris’s win- May 25, 2001

This was as epic of a moment as you can get on RAW. It was Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit vs. Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

It is a moment often forgotten about by many fans, but it shouldn’t be. This moment was beautiful. It is a match that brought out true and heartfelt emotion from every fan that watched, and considering the four men involved, that is no surprise.

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest matches of the last ten years, and if you don’t believe me, watch this masterpiece for yourself.

#7: LIVE Sex- January 6, 2006

Um…yeah, this happened. Basically Edge and Lita decided to celebrate Edge’s WWE Championship win by having sex in a bed, live, in the middle of the ring. Now, this moment isn’t for the, um, younger members of the WWE Universe, but it was damn entertaining! And just about everyone thought so, considering this segment brought in one of the biggest ratings for a single segment ever.

What people don’t know is that Edge and Lita were actually naked under those blankets, which is exactly why we had the obligatory John Cena run-in. John Cena had to make the “save” here for obvious reasons and if your not down with that, well then, SUCK IT!

#6: This Is Your Life- September 27, 1999

Another segment that brought in a massive rating; this was freakin hilarious! Mick Foley decided that he wanted to give The Rock a party. So, he invited The Rock’s ex-girlfirend, The Rock’s former home economics teacher, and The Rock’s former high school football coach. Now, The Rock obviously did not take too kindly to this.

In one of the most memorable RAW moments ever, The Rock verbally dominated every single one of Foley’s guests.  And, obviously, The brilliance of this 20-minute segment cannot be described in words, but let’s just say that it developed a feud-partnership that would last a lifetime!

#5: The beer truck- March 22, 1999

This was a career defining moment, and an era defining moment. In a moment that catapulted The Rock and Steve Austin rivalry to new heights; Stone Cold brought out a beer truck! Steve than began to give the Corporation a beer bath.

Easily one of the greatest and most memorable moments of Steve Austin’s career; this brought out the very best in the redneck superstar and the corporate champion. It also, however, wrote a new chapter in the infamous Austin-McMahon feud.

Basically, if you haven’t watched this (and i’m sure you all have) than go watch it and witness a moment that no one will ever forget.

#4: “I’ll take if from here nurse”- October 5, 1998

You want to talk about hilarious? This was the funniest, most outlandish segment in RAW history! In a moment that truly brought the Austin-McMahon feud to new heights, Stone Cold attacked Vince in the hospital!

That, however, wasn’t all. Before Austin attacked Vince, Mankind tried to comfort McMahon with a clown, and even Mr. Socko. McMahon, however, forced Foley to leave. This is when Stone Cold Steve Austin decided to run in and infamously smack Mr. McMahon over the head with a bed pan, fry him with the defibrillator, and stick an IV up the you know what!

Basically, this moment was, literally, a moment that has been considered a defining one of the era; and even one that some people would consider the greatest in RAW history.

#3: Tyson vs. Austin- February 2, 1998

At this moment in time, Mike Tyson was one of the most popular and recognizable faces on planet Earth. So when WWE decided that they wanted him to come in to enforce the main event of Wrestlemania 14, a Steve Austin-Mike Tyson confrontation was immanent.

The confrontation itself was nothing short of epic, as security guards, trainers, and even Vince McMahon himself tried to stop these two from fighting.

In an era where the WWE Superstars themselves were huge celebrities, Mike Tyson’s addition to WWE programming was fascinating, and the fact that Mike Tyson fought the biggest star in the company on day #1 was fantastic!

#2: Butts in Seats- January 4, 1999

The immense importance of this moment can barely be described in words. Basically, WCW was giving away RAW taping results weekly. This time, however, it majorly backfired on the stupid organization. WCW decided to spoil the fact that Mick Foley would become the new WWE Champion on RAW. WCW, however, did not anticipate for around 600,000 people to turn the channel and watch it happen!

This was the first time in years that WWE won the ratings battle against WCW, and it was the turning point in the Monday Night War. Had it not been for this, WWE may have never won the war in the first place.

Mick Foley becoming champion, however, was amazing as well. After Stone Cold interfered to a MASSIVE pop,  Mick Foley capitalized and became WWE Champion in a heartfelt and wonderful moment.

As you can see, the historical significance of this moment is off the charts, and I think it can all be summed up in three words.

Tony Schiavone sucks.

#1: The War Ends- March 23, 2001

It was the final episode of WCW Monday Nitro, and six days before the greatest pay-per-view in history. In one of the most amazing moments in pro wrestling history, WWE beat WCW in the ratings battle, and bought the rival organization. Thus, ending the Monday Night War, and essentially ending the Attitude Era.

The historical impact that this moment had on pro wrestling history is outstanding, but the twist itself was awesome as well. You see, as Vince McMahon announced in  a synchronous episode of RAW and Nitro, that he now owned WCW, his son Shane came on the TitanTron!

Shane McMahon announced that HE actually owned WCW, thus beginning the infamous Alliance angle.

This is a moment that altered the lives of some of the greatest pro wrestlers ever. A moment that has become infamous in the wrestling world because of it’s impact on the industry forever. This moment altered and changed everything, for the better and the worse.

This is truly the greatest moment in the history of Monday Night RAW.

Thank you everybody for reading this series! It is a series many months in the making, but I am very proud of what it has become. 

RAW is the greatest pro wrestling show ever, and these 50 moments, among countless others, are the reasons why it is just that. I love WWE, and I love Monday Night RAW, which is why I wrote this series detailing the 50 Greatest Moments in it’s long history. 

Make sure to keep reading Wrestle Enigma, because the revolution of this site is just over the horizon. And when it comes, you won’t want to miss it!