Controversial Countdown: RAW 50 Greatest Moments Of All Time-Part II

In case you forgot (or just simply did not read previous parts) then here is what this series is all about.

WWE Monday Night RAW basically changed the way we view professional wrestling. It gave us a flagship show. It gave us a must-see show. If you enjoyed pro wrestling, you had to tune into RAW, because this was the one night of week that meant more than any other on the pro wrestling calendar. And even to this day, RAW is still considered WWE’s and basically pro wrestling’s biggest show of the week; which brings me to my point. How has Monday Night RAW continued to stay atop the wrestling world as its flagship show? Well, ladies and gentlemen, the answer lies within the moments that shape the show itself.

RAW has always revolved around moments. There have been hundreds of thousands of moments in RAW history, and today, I will start counting down the most special ones.

These are the moments that keep us coming back week after week. These are the moments that make us laugh, moments that make us cry, and moments that make us jump out of our seats in amazement.

These are the matches that make us proud to be fans; and the promos that keep us glued to our TV screens.

These are the moments that have allowed Monday Night Raw to continue for nearly twenty years; and the moments that are ingrained in all of our collective memories.

Today I present everyone with Part II of the 50 greatest moments in the history of Monday Night RAW!

 #40: Joey Styles will not be bullied: May 1, 2006

This shoot promo may not have had the long term affect as CM Punk’s did, but it was still awesome to watch!

In a fit of rage after being berated and bullied by Jerry Lawler and the Spirit Squad, Joey Styles let his thoughts be known via a microphone.

Styles made it clear that he hated the term “sports entertainment”, he hated telling a story on commentary, and he hated his bosses.

Joey Styles gave this shoot promo, just that, the element that it’s a shoot, and not scripted. That is the element that makes a shoot promo successful and memorable.

This is one of the greatest shoots in the history of Monday Night Raw and one of my personal favorite moments of all time. Also, I think after watching this again, that Joey Styles is extremely underrated on the microphone.

Styles could have made a great manager for a wrestler and could have easily boosted that wrestlers stock by using his hype and promo skills.

#39:  The boss gets punted: January 19, 2009

Vince McMahon has never been one to just stand back and let the spotlight shine on someone else, and he has also never been one to stand back from a fight, or refuse to take a bump. And this night was no different.

On January 19, 2009 Vince McMahon was moments away from firing an unstable Randy Orton, when Orton slapped Vince to the ground. Orton then kicked Vince in the face, and then, in an uncontrollable fit of rage, punted Mr. McMahon in the side of the skull. It was a nasty punt, and Orton definitely didn’t hold back on Mr. McMahon.

This punt started one of the greatest heel runs in the history of WWE, in my opinion.

After this moment, Orton was the meanest, most evil, disgusting villain in all of the WWE! This heel run truly showed what Orton could accomplish as a heel, and this moment showed it as well.

#38: The Brain leaves: December 6, 1993

This is a moment that is constantly forgotten by wrestling fans everywhere. It is a moment that should live in infamy as the day that WWE lost one of the greatest commentators and managers in pro wrestling history.

Basically, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan was forced out of the arena and fired by Gorilla Monsoon. It was a moment that really struck my emotional chords, and feel upset for Bobby Heenan.

Now, we all know that Bobby went to WCW and had a successful career there, but I think it’s fair to say that the Attitude Era would have been better with “The Brain” in it!

#37: The Main event is made….one year in advance: April 4, 2011

This is a very special moment in not only the history of Monday Night Raw, but also in the history of pro wrestling itself. I believe that this is the first match to have ever been made one year in advance of when the actual match was going to happen.

As The Rock and John Cena stared each other down (after beating down the Corre) it was an amazing moment. A moment that finalized a dream match, and a moment that gave us the main event of Wrestlemania XXVIII.

And one year later, the Rock and John Cena delivered a year’s worth of hype with a classic main event.

#36: Stone Cold stuns an entire family: October 3, 2005

It was only appropriate that on Monday Night RAW’s homecoming episode to the USA Network, that Stone Cold stunned Mr. McMahon. This time around though, Stone Cold added a little insult to injury.

You see, as every McMahon came out to check on their family members, they all got stunned!

This was a hilarious and classic moment in the history of Raw, and it also gave us the single worst stunner in the history of the WWE. Stone Cold’s stunner on Linda McMahon was horrible, but hey, at least we got to see what it would look like if Stone Cold and Linda McMahon had a few Steve-Weisers!

#35: The pain returns: April 2, 2012

This night was a very special night in WWE history. The crowd was loud and raucous all night long, and every segment and match delivered. The final segment of the show, however, was amazing.

As John Cena was cutting a generic Cena promo, Brock Lesnar’s music hit and out came the pain!

Brock Lesnar went in to shake Cena’s hand and then threw him up in the air and delivered one of the most emphatic F5’s of all time. Lesnar then stood tall over John Cena as the show after Wrestlemania came to a conclusion.

This is one of the most epic and stunning moments in the history of Monday Night Raw. You see, Lesnar’s return was NOT expected and the hot Miami crowd ate up every minute of it.

#34: Milk ‘O’ Mania is running wild brother: August 20, 2001

The parody of Steve Austin’s beer truck was Kurt Angle’s milk truck, and while it wasn’t as amazing as Stone Cold’s beer truck, it still created a classic moment in the history of Raw.

At this point, the Alliance faction was in full swing and Stone Cold was in full heel mode. So as the Alliance members were all in the ring arguing with each other, Kurt Angle’s music hit, and out came the milk truck! Kurt drenched the entire alliance (including Steve Austin) with a hose full of milk!

Sometimes WWE hits the nail on the head with comedy skits, and this was one of those times! Yes, this might have been directed toward the more comedy side of things, but it was still a fun moment that I’m sure has lasted in many people’s minds for a very long time!

#33: The face is finally revealed: June 23, 2003

Kane finally revealing his face to the world has always been one of my favorite moments. I’m not exactly sure what it is about this moment that makes me love it. Maybe it is how horrific Glenn’s face looked when he took off the mask, or that diabolical chokeslam to RVD. Either way, I just love how this was orchestrated.

The lead up to it was simple:  Eric Bischoff told Kane that if he lost to HHH in a World Heavyweight Championship match, he would have to take off the mask. Well, in the end, Kane lost and was forced to take off his mask.

It originally made Kane seem vulnerable, but eventually it was the unmasking that turned Kane into an unstoppable force. It was the unmasking that made Kane set Jim Ross on fire.

#32: The custom Corvette gets cemented: October 12, 1998

Mr. McMahon and Steve Austin’s feud was red hot at this point. Stone Cold and McMahon were giving everyone classic moment after classic moment after classic moment. And this moment was no different.

As McMahon was sitting in his office watching Raw, Stone Cold broke through the arena with a cement truck! Steve then placed the truck right above McMahon’s brand new custom corvette, and filled it with cement!

And even though Vince was angry at the time, I’m sure he’s since had enough money to buy a new corvette….

#31: He’s back….and better than ever: July 15, 2002

In one of the most shocking twists in sports entertainment history, Vince McMahon gave Eric Bishoff a WWE contract!

Eric became an on-air personality as the GM of Raw (and maybe the greatest GM of all time). And no, McMahon didn’t give Eric Bischoff a WWE contract because he liked him. McMahon gave him a contract to draw ratings.

And it was extremely evident that McMahon and Bischoff did NOT like each other when they gave each other the most awkward hug in the history of RAW, although they do have stiff competition with the Kane-Daniel Bryan hug!

If you don’t agree that Eric Bischoff should have ever had a WWE contract, just remember: Controversy Creates Cash.

Thanks everyone for reading the Top 50 Moments in the History of Monday Night RAW Part II!

Make sure to comment and tell me what you think about each moment listed here, and make up your own list of greatest RAW moments.

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