Chris Jericho and Fandango: Analyzing The Pro’s and Con’s Of A Possible Match Between The Two

Chris Jericho:

Chris Jericho

A 15 year veteran of the Pro Wrestling Business who has won countless titles not only in WWE, but around the world, in the process becoming one of the most respected and beloved wrestlers in history.



Formerly known as NXT standout Johnny Curtis, the ball room dancer has refused to debut on WWE TV due to the constant mispronouncing of his name, all while garnering surprising heat from crowds.

The two couldn’t have anything less in common at first glance, but WWE seems to have their mind set on having Jericho and Fandango put on a match. Only this won’t be any match. This match would be on the biggest stage possible, WrestleMania 29.

The rumored bout has already sparked plenty of discussion amongst fans, both of the IWC and casual variety’s. With some fans loving the possibility of a bout between Y2J and Fandango and others hating it, let’s look at a the non-biased pro’s and con’s of their possible WrestleMania match up.


  • Fans, mostly IWC smarks, have clamored for a youth movement in WWE for months now. By having a recently debuted superstar fight, and possibly go over, one of the biggest names in wrestling history would certainly prove that WWE is committed to moving towards a younger roster in the future.
  • Say what you will about Fandango, the man is getting over with fans. It’s an easy to hate gimmick due to how ridiculous it is, so having him feud with a beloved baby face could generate even more anger from fans.
  • While their encounter on Raw wasn’t particularly great, the segments leading into WrestleMania could be quite entertaining and memorable. Jericho is simply gold on the mic and Fandango has proven he can play his creepy dancer gimmick to perfection. It’s a recipe for awesomeness, and could deliver big time.
  • Well, they had to get Jericho onto the card somehow…


  • Is Fandango really deserving of a WrestleMania match? Sure, he’s gotten over a bit, but that really shouldn’t equal out to a match against one of the best ever on WWE’s grandest stage. 
  • A match against Fandango would be the payoff to Jericho’s big WWE return? With all due respect to the man formerly known as Johnny Curtis, that’s a big letdown. Sure, Y2J vs Ziggler would have been predictable and another rematch, but at least it would have felt like a more important match. This has throw away written all over it.
  • You KNOW Jericho would put Fandango over. Since returning last January, Y2J has put just about everyone over, showing how much he cares for the business. While I do enjoy Fandango, he has no business beating Jericho. None whatsoever.
  • Now there probably won’t be a Brodus Clay dance segment. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

Overall, the probable encounter between Chris Jericho and Fandango will likely be a fun match with a truly entertaining build. However, Jericho’s insistence to put anything and everything over will show, as he will likely put the dancing creeper over in his debut match. Like I said, Curtis is a talented dude, but he has no business even being at WrestleMania. Honestly though, I love Fandango and am pleased he’ll be included in WrestleMania somehow. Who knows, he could end up being a huge hit by going over Y2J, or even just competing at the event, as it seems he will.