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WWE: Sting Arrives & A Fan is Reborn

sting survivor series

Two hundred and thirty two days ago, I stopped being a fan of professional wrestling. It was the sound of the final time the ref’s hand hit the mat, which made my heart drop. The streak was over. My inner child, who loved wrestling since he was 4, was dead. Last night was the first time I watched wrestling since ... Read More »

History is Made: Sting Debuts In WWE

Sting wwe debut

30 years A lot can happen. Empires rise and fall, legends are born, and stories are crafted. History happens. Tonight, history happened. Tonight, Sting debuted in the WWE. It’s been 30 years since Sting began his pro wrestling career and every day since has been a chapter in one of the most incredible books written by a wrestler. From becoming ... Read More »

WWE Survivor Series 2014: Three Returns Set For The Show?

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WWE Survivor Series has long been know as one of the companies biggest PPV’s of the year. Alongside Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, and of course WrestleMania, Survivor Series was amongst the first major shows WWE put on and it’s prestige has continued on over the last 25 years. This year promises to be the biggest show in Survivor Series history, as ... Read More »

Wrestle Enigma PPV Prediction League: WWE Survivor Series 2014 Predictions – 25 Dollar Prize For Grand Winner

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For those unfamiliar to the rules and point system, please click here to fully understand the league’s regulations. It is very important to understand these rules before making your very first appearance in the league. Series 1 Winner: James Stevenson (139 points) *This series contains Sacrifice 2014, Extreme Rules ’14, Payback ’14, Slammiversary ’14, Money In The Bank ’14, and ... Read More »

Wrestling’s Worst Moments Of My Generation: Paul London & Brian Kendrick’s Potential Is Squandered With A Pedigree


Previous edition(s): 1. Series introduction and John Cena’s draft fiasco 2. Zack Ryder changes a tire 3. Zack Ryder in a wheelchair 4. Orton vs. Triple H, Part One 5. Orton vs. Triple H, Part Dos Chris Benoit once said that Paul London and Brian Kendrick were the future of WWE and if the company’s officials were smart, a feud ... Read More »