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Wrestle Enigma PPV Prediction League: WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Predictions – 25 Dollar Prize For Grand Winner

Royal Rumble

For those unfamiliar to the rules and point system, please click here to fully understand the league’s regulations. It is very important to understand these rules before making your very first appearance in the league. Series 1 Winner: James Stevenson (139 points) *This series contains Sacrifice 2014, Extreme Rules ’14, Payback ’14, Slammiversary ’14, Money In The Bank ’14, and ... Read More »

WWE Royal Rumble 2015: A Complete Breakdown of Sunday’s Card

RR Breakdown

As every WWE fans knows, the Royal Rumble is one of WWE’s premiere shows every year. It sets the Road to WrestleMania in motion and has arguably the best gimmick match in WWE history happen every year. Many have claimed it is WWE’s number two show of the year though they often put more into Summerslam nowadays. With all this ... Read More »

WWE Monday Night Raw January 19, 2015 Results and Review: The Authority Watches Impossible Odds Be Overcome

7 Raw

Brock Lesnar’s Temper Is Controlled While John Cena’s Fate Is Put In The WWE Universe’s Hands Overview: Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman opened the show with Lesnar ripping the microphone out of Heyman’s hand and calling out Seth Rollins. Instead Triple H came out alone to answer. The Authority soon joined as Brock tried to fight Triple H. Just as ... Read More »