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An Interview With TJ Perkins: The Man Behind Manik Talks About His TNA Contract And More

TJ Perkins is a well-traveled wrestler. In his career, he has worked for promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, and Total Non-Stop Action, where he is still under contract today. In TNA, crowds know him as the agile, high-flying Manik. In the ring, his brand of crowd-pleasing acrobatics and technically-sound mat work have ... Read More »

Scott Steiner Talks About His Surgery, Still Competing in the Ring, His Brother, Houston for Comicpalooza, and more!!

Recently, Houston Wrestling Radio had the opportunity to speak with former WCW, WWE and TNA personality, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner. Being the nice guys they are, they offered to type up some highlights for us at WrestleEnigma. Big Poppa Pump talks about still competing, an update on his brother, Rick, his surgery in Puerto Rico, thoughts on Houston and more!!   ... Read More »

ROH Star ACH Talks About His Favorite Wrestlers, His Upcoming Match With Jay Lethal, and More!!

Recently, Houston Wrestling Radio had the opportunity to speak with current RoH superstar, ACH and being the nice guys they are, they offered to type up some highlights for us at WrestleEnigma. ACH talks about his favorite wrestlers growing up, his inspirations for his unique in-ring style, the differences from working in the Texas indy scene and that of the North East United States, who he thinks deserves to be in RoH ... Read More »

Wrestle Enigma Interview with Shark Boy: His Inspirations, Evolution of TNA, Birth of his Character, Favorite Memories, & Much More!

He’s billed from “The Deep Blue Sea” and, from 2002 to this very date, is one of the most beloved masked wrestlers in all of TNA’s soon-to-be 11 year history. I’m talking, of course, about Shark Boy. This past week, I had the honor and privilege to get an interview with the masked man himself. He answered a variety of ... Read More »

Exclusive Interview With The Entire Bellatrix Female Warriors Roster, Courtesy Of SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight

When Wrestle Enigma rebranded itself in 2012, it has some of the best interviews from the best stars on the independent scene, namely Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Cheerleader Melissa, Evie, Saraya Knight, Adam Cole, and Davey Richards. But no one has ever interviewed an entire roster of stars on this site before until now. The author of this anthology of ... Read More »

Wrestle Enigma EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Valentino Malone

I’m not gonna lie here, but this kid Valentino Malone is an inspiration to disabled folks all over the world. The fact that this guy is competing with disabilities really amazes me, much like Gregory Iron who wrestles with cerebral palsy, but you never hear me say anything bad about that. In this interview, you will hear the wrestler in ... Read More »