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WE Debate — TNA Wrestling 2014 Year End Awards


2014 was the very definition of a, “roller coaster ride” in TNA Wrestling. The company lost some of its most accomplished homegrown talents and nearly lost their TV deal with no other network to fall back on, but through the highs and lows of 2014, TNA Wrestling remains. And, in a sense, TNA Wrestling thrived. With the company under the ... Read More »

TNA Impact Wrestling’s New Logo Alludes To A Rebirth Of Its Presentation

impact wrestling

**Update: Impact Wrestling will debut on Wednesday Jan. 7th live on Destination America! From there, the show’s permanent timeslot will be Friday nights.** Over the past twelve years, TNA Wrestling has consistently released statements about new eras occurring almost yearly. 2015 may be more of the same but in a scenario the company has only seen once before. The promotion ... Read More »

Impact’s Evolution: Major Changes Coming To TNA Wrestling?

Destination MURICA

It’s been no secret that TNA is limping into 2015 after a year that saw them lose their TV Deal with Spike, stop most of their PPV’s, and face various reports about heading towards bankruptcy. The company has become a punchline amongst wrestling fans as they’ve seen ratings steadily decline, leading many to agree that Impact wouldn’t survive the year. ... Read More »

The Wrestling Grab Bag: The Adventures Of Shark Boy And New Jack In TNA

shark boy week

Continuing off of last week’s theme of absolutely bizarre happenings in TNA’s inaugural year, today we bring to your attention an absolute adventure. Possibly one of the most unlikely duos in professional wrestling history; these two performers put aside their differences to create some comedy gold. You had arguably the most dangerous man to ever step foot in the ring, ... Read More »