Thursday , 28 August 2014
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The Chicago Wizard World Experience With Paige And Bray Wyatt


If you have ever read anything I have ever written on this site, it is abundantly clear that my fandom for 2 time WWE Divas Champion Paige runs deep. It should probably be described as an ever-growing obsession that a psychiatrist should inevitably help me resolve, but who cares. The point is that on May 10th, Chicago Wizard World announced ... Read More »

WWE — Eva Marie: The Greatest Diva Of All-Time

Many WWE Divas, including Nikki Bella taking their rightful places standing behind Eva Marie.

Twenty-eight months ago, a group of people had a vision. A vision to create a site where opinions matter. That vision led us to the creation of Wrestle Enigma. In that time, countless articles have been published by a number of writers. Some articles hold the honour of being considered as legendary pieces of literature. One writer in the form of Charlie ... Read More »

WWE — Nikki Bella: The Greatest Diva of All-Time

Nikki Bella

I know the immediate response to the title of this article alone will cause quite a stir, and I can see why. Calling Nikki Bella just the greatest WWE Diva of all-time doesn’t do her justice; Nikki Bella is quite possibly one of the greatest human beings of all-time. It’s estimated that 7 billion people inhabit planet Earth today, and ... Read More »

John Cena, WWE’s Comfort Zone and Stepping Out of It

After a combined 18 years at the top for Cena and Orton, it's time for a change in WWE.

Ever hear wrestling fans complain about getting the same thing over and over again? Or that they’re sick of seeing the same guys be at the top for so long? We all have. It’s one of the biggest complaints wrestling fans have these days, especially in WWE circles. They’re tired of seeing John Cena be champion, something he’s done 15-times ... Read More »

The Shield’s ‘Journey to SummerSlam’ Shows Beauty of WWE Network


It’s been a bust. There’s really no way around it. Thus far the WWE Network has been a bust. By last count, the brand new viewing system that was supposed to revolutionize pro wrestling, sports and entertainment, has failed to generate the number of subscribers higher-ups had hoped for. Around 700,000 subscriptions had been placed since the WWE Network’s debut ... Read More »

TNA Wrestling–WE Debate: #ItHappened, Legacy of Bully Ray, X Division, & More!

Bully Celebrates

WrestleEnigma has always been a website that’s allowed writers and commenters alike a platform to debate about everything professional wrestling. We feel giving fans of every promotion—whether it be WWE, TNA, ROH or anywhere else—a safe haven to share their opinions on what has happened, what is happening and what is still to come is crucial to allowing the site ... Read More »