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Ring of Honor Wrestling Results and Review January 17, 2015: Alberto El Patron Debuts

Alberto El Patron

Babyface Battle Overview: From the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee, this is ROH TV episode 174. Here’s what’s on tap for this show: Cedric Alexander vs. Kazarian, more first round Top Prospect Tournament action, the debut appearance of Alberto El Patron, a special announcement from Nigel McGuiness addressing last week’s main event, and Jay Briscoe vs. a member of ... Read More »

Lucha Underground Lowdown S01 Ep10: Cage Debuts, Puma Defends Against Fenix


Lucha Underground Results and Review Season 01 Episode 10 Aired: January 14, 2015 on El Rey Welcome to Lucha Underground Lowdown. Following up on the highly entertaining Aztec Warfare match, in which Prince Puma became the first ever Lucha Underground Champion, we’ve got Prince Puma scheduled to make his first title defense against none other than Fenix. Recap vignette: The show ... Read More »

Wrestling Annual: Top 10 Independent Wrestlers of 2014

Indie Wrestling 10

The independent wrestling scene is a fairly vast beast, with incredibly varied performers and differing palettes of expertise, all with vastly different personas and levels of experience. It’s a catch-all, a place where veterans can renew their careers. Where families can bring their kids to a friendly wrestling match with fun and energetic characters. It’s where blood sport is still ... Read More »

WWE: Kidd and Cesaro Put Over A New Day At Their Expense

Every time Tyson Kidd and Cesaro step into the ring, they prove they are the best tag team wrestlers in WWE.

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd have more in-ring talent than just about anyone else on WWE’s roster, yet both have been underutilized since the moment they stepped up to the main roster. Think about it: When Kidd first stepped up, he was in the only legitimate tag team in WWE at the time, aside from DX: the “Hart Dynasty;” yet he ... Read More »

Wrestling Woes #1: WWE—We’ll Feed You Shit & You’ll Like It!

Wrestling Woes #1

From day one, WrestleEnigma has been highlighting the best of professional wrestling with series such as Picture Perfect and Wrestling’s Greatest Rivalries, among various others. However, today, we’re looking at a different side of the wrestling industry with a brand new series called Wrestling Woes; merely one fan venting about the stupidity that all wrestling organizations subject their poor, loyal fanbase ... Read More »