Monday , 28 July 2014
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WWE: Five Absolutely Irrefutable Predictions For Raw Tonight, 7/28/14


Normally my FIVE BOLD PREDICTIONS FOR RAW TONITE would only be available to those with not-so-exclusive-anymore access to Wrestle Enigma’s Danger Zone community on Google+ (which you can read about in this cheap plug here). Due to popular demand, but mostly the peer pressure of that like persistent fifth grade students, my Bold Predictions for Monday Night Raw have made their ... Read More »

Wrestling Yay! Ep.04 – Paul Heyman is Magical


Welcome to episode 4 of Wrestling Yay! This series is dedicated to focusing on the positives of the past seven days of pro wrestling. Check your cynicism at the door and mark out with the same selective vision you had when you were just a wee mark and didn’t know any better. There’s a lot to get into this week, ... Read More »