Thursday , 24 July 2014
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WWE: Possible Paths Cesaro Can Go Down

Antonio Cesaro 2

Being a Paul Heyman Guy is something that all wrestlers should want. When Paul Heyman is backing you, the sky is very rarely the limit. Paul Heyman is seen in Wrestling as some what of a God. It’s not hard to see why he has this honour. Heyman has worked wonder for guys like Brock Lesnar, RVD and so many ... Read More »

Wrestling Fans, It’s Time To Resign From The I.W.C.

Damien Sandow iwc 2

At WWE’s Battleground event, nothing very memorable occurred and the show was essentially a harmless setup for the eventually bigger showcase at Summerslam. However, whether it was on forums or social media, several members of the fabled I.W.C. (as we all know as the Internet Wrestling Community) decided that it was an appropriate time to carry out their usual tirade ... Read More »