Saturday , 25 October 2014
Wrestling's Greatest Rivalries
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WWE – Ranting About Randy Orton’s Hot Streak

5 Raw 1

Is it just me, or has Randy Orton’s popularity grown as of late? Throughout the past few weeks, we’ve seen “The Apex Predator” featured on popular Vines as well as on Facebook through hilarious memes.  Not only is Randy Orton a popular face on social media but he has also enjoyed his share of the spotlight. Last week on Raw, ... Read More »

Please, WWE: One Man’s Cry For Help

Ambrose & Cena

I don’t ask for much in life. Oxygen is always nice. Water is pretty splendid. I also enjoy a good slice of pizza here and there. You know, the simple things in life. We all go through our ups and downs in life. Me? I’m currently dealing with a sleep schedule that makes me tired around 11 P.M. but unable ... Read More »