Tuesday , 21 October 2014
Wrestling's Greatest Rivalries
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Please, WWE: One Man’s Cry For Help

Ambrose & Cena

I don’t ask for much in life. Oxygen is always nice. Water is pretty splendid. I also enjoy a good slice of pizza here and there. You know, the simple things in life. We all go through our ups and downs in life. Me? I’m currently dealing with a sleep schedule that makes me tired around 11 P.M. but unable ... Read More »

Ring of Honor Wrestling Results and Review October 18, 2014: Cracks Form in The Kingdom and The Decade


Suavity Faces Brutality Overview: From the Wesbanco Arena in Wheeling, West Virginia, this is ROH TV episode 161. Before the titles, Adam Cole cuts a backstage promo on Cedric Alexander. He says that Cedric’s promise and potential do not stand a chance against a former ROH World Champion. Cole swears go God that will get that title back and promises ... Read More »

Wrestling Reflections: The Problem With the WWE Today


I have never been a writer who sits back and tries to pick apart the ways WWE should make their product work. While we as fans all have our opinions, there are many individual inner workings that we can’t fully understand from an outside perspective. That isn’t completely the case though for fan complaints now as we see former WWE ... Read More »

Wrestling’s Worst Moments Of My Generation: John Cena Is Drafted To Smackdown Then Immediately Drafted Back


Being a professional wrestling fan for the past fifteen years comes with its blessings and burdens. You remember seeing some of the greatest moments in the sport’s history but you also remember the very worst. My generation – the fans that started watching once the Attitude Era had closed its doors – have arguably been through the most turbulent time ... Read More »