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Breaking News: Devon Apparently Finished With TNA; Bully Ray To Follow?

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Devon Dudley tweeted the following earlier this evening:

Recent reports claimed Devon’s former long-time tag team partner, best friend and fellow Total Nonstop Action Wrestling employee Bully Ray was negotiating both performers respective contracts with the organization, following this report Bully Ray became a more prominent figure in the Ace’s and Eight’s storyline while Devon successfully defended the TNA Television title at Hardcore Justice.

However, if Devon’s words are anything to go by, contract negotiations which were rumored to be still in progress have stalled if not broken down entirely, and the former multiple time TNA World Tag Team Champion and current TNA Television Champion is departing, which could mean as a result the departure of Bully Ray.

In relation to Devon, since joining the company seven years ago, whether it be as Team 3D, the former Dudley Boys alongside Ray or as a singles star, Devon has almost always been a consistent figure on TNA television, some of his most notable feuds being with the likes of Beer Money, Motor City Machine Guns, the entire X-Division and most recently Robbie E.

Since captruing the TNA Television Championship five months ago, Devon’s career has been in a resurgance which has gained a both baffled and positive response from the wrestling community. While defending his title Devon would routinely receive large crowd reactions in both the Impact Zone and elsewhere, such as Texas when he performed at Slammiversary two months ago.

Some will see this as a surprise due to Devon’s on-screen role and consistent featured position on the programme, but the former Dudley has options available to him which could see him back on our television screens soon enough, such as a return in one of many formats to WWE television, a return to the independent wrestling circuit or a trip overseas to promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling.

However, probably the most discussed matter from all this won’t feature Devon at all, and instead his former partner Bully Ray. Much like Devon, Ray’s career has seen a resurgence of sorts, now competing as a singles competitor, Ray’s “Bully” persona has been seen as a success, featuring as a top heel on Impact Wrestling and being a possible future threat to the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Whether Bully Ray will follow his former tag team partner out the door remains to be seen, but may be confirmed on tomorrow night’s edition of Impact Wrestling.

However, the loss of both Devon and Ray will come as a blow to TNA in several different ways, such as the probable vacation of the TNA Television title, the loss of two consistently featured talents on the show and Ray’s departure will see a major heel involved in the Ace’s and Eight’s storyline leave a void.

If Ray’s departure is confirmed in the coming days, one would assume speculation will instantly begin on whether a return to the WWE is on the cards. Not only do both men have ties with Vince McMahon‘s global empire, but being both former employee’s and former WWE Tag Team Champions in a company in the midst of rebuiling their tag team division could factor in a possible return of the boys from Dudleyville.

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  • Paul

    Well, if Bully Ray leaves with Devon, I’d be very happy to see them back in WWE, especially if it were to help the tag team division. Not good for TNA, though. Like, AT ALL. Whatever they do, I wish them luck.

  • Brett Chandler

    I expect Devon to lose the TV Title tonight, then. Good job with getting this article up fast, Jason. As for Bully Ray? I dunno yet…

  • SiD

    So, what happens of the TV Title now? Anyway, it’s sad to see him go, as Florida obviously LOVED him. “WE WANT DEVON!”.

  • Blair Lucas

    Yes! Crossing my fingers for Team 3D back in the WWE! Testify!!!

  • Rooster Smith

    I remember when the Dudleys showed up in TNA for the first time. I was so full of hope …
    When it comes to TNA, I have a kind of Tea Party attitude. YOu remember when those guys were saying it was a great idea if nothing happened before the debt cieling expired?
    Would have been a political nightmare but for TNA I think it would work. I want it to fall apart to an extent, so that they have to build it back up. I want the ship to sink just enough that Rats like Bishoff and Hogan abandon ship and Dixie promotes from outside the company.
    Hope Bubba follows him. Hope they get back together.
    I don’t think they’ll go to the WWE, I think it would work but I don’t think the WWE has as much faith in them as the fans do.

  • Judas Thundersteel

    “Dont mattah where ya start..mattahs where ya finish. See ya in Phoenix!! STRONGEST THE LONGEST. #BULLYNATION,” Bully Ray tweeted that, and it indicates he will finish up at BFG. If he doesn’t make it to October, he will get written off TV by Aces and 8s. How the show ended on Impact, Ray stopping the faction from further beating on Austin Aries, could lead to something.

    I must say though that I’m shocked. I just figured Hardcore Justice put to rest the Devon and Ray departure rumors, but well, damn.

    The first word that came out of my mouth in reading this news piece was “MOTHERFUCKER!” Funny stuff.

  • JacobStachowiak