Breaking News: AW Released By WWE; Speaks Out On Twitter

AW, formerly Abraham Washington (real name Brian Jossie) has been officially released by WWE.

AW, who has been operating the on-air talent agency “All World Promotions” in recent months, most notably managing the team of Darren Young and Titus O’Neil, came into controversy recently for comments made live on Monday Night Raw in-relation to a sexual assault case involving NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant, commenting that one of his clients was “like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado.”

It seemed as though all had settled down, AW continued his managing duties of Darren Young and Titus O’Neil at tapings and house shows, continuing to speak with a live microphone during his clients matches, but only a short time ago AW caught everyone off guard with some candid tweets made in-relation to his now confirmed release.

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Immediately people began questioning the authenticity and motivation behind the remarks, as AW continued, “I’ve offended the wrong people that taught me how to have ATTITUDE It was the #WWE that made me bold and now it has turned it’s back on me,” “Let this be a lesson to up and coming talent in the WWE don’t try and be great like the Rock or Stone Cold. WWE isn’t the same…” and “Just be normal shut up and be a yes man so you can collect your check and feel like your special. #SELLOUTS!!”

One of AW’s final tweets will receive much intrigue among fans and viewers alike, in-relation to Linda McMahon’s 2012 senate campaign. Earlier in the morning AW had personally tweeted from his account that he and The Primetime Players supported Linda’s run for government, yet commented moments ago:

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Since this AW has been retweeting fans supportive comments and has started a brand new account in an attempt to alienate himself from the AW persona, which can be found @BJRatedR, claiming “lets get Eddie Murphy RAW!”

Many people are going to shake their heads at this decision, AW is a charismatic mouthpiece who gave a pretty uninteresting tag team in The Primetime Players an avenue to speak, it seemed as though all had blown over following the Kobe Bryant remark from Raw almost two weeks ago, hes featured, been given time on the microphone, yet now WWE have performed a u-turn and have decided to do-away with the former Abraham Washington.

Many will make connections between Linda McMahon’s senate campaign and this incident, Linda’s opposition have brought forth several vulgar storylines and angles from the past, including mentions of Katie Vick and Nick Dinsomore’s “Eugene” character, which an opposition member claimed, “was demeaning the mentally disabled.”

Some have already questioned his release in-relation to Tensai; this is one I can personally cut off right now. AW’s remarks gained national exposure, despite WWE being an entertainment company they’re an entertainment company trading on the stock market, bad press isn’t wanted, WWE’s name as does wrestling in-general, has a bad reputation in most social mediums.

If Tensai’s backhanded remarks in a Tout which gained attention from several wrestling news sites had found its way into the mainstream press, as AW’s did, being mentioned on prime time ESPN, we could be looking at an entirely different scenario, but it didn’t and we’re not.

Big question from here is, what next for Brian “AW” Jossie? He’ll wait through the mandatory no-compete clause and from there the world is his oyster. Could it be time for Impact Wrestling to acquire a charismatic personality who as of now is riding some wave of supportive momentum? Will he turn to comedy like his idols Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor, or is acting a possibility.

Only way to find out is to wait, but until then, you can follow Brian Jossie @BJRatedR for updates on the future of the artist formerly known as “AW.”