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TNA’s Greatest Moment In 2012: James Storm Loses It All At Lockdown (EvE)

Defeat, Disappointment, Depression, Death To A Dream; all these things can describe what happened to James Storm when he came ever-so close to winning the World Heavyweight Championship. At the Lockdown ppv earlier this year, James Storm took on his former tag team partner Bobby Roode for the biggest prize TNA offers. However, to say that Storm and Roode were merely just former tag partners would be unjust. The two paired up to be arguably TNA’s greatest tag team in the history of the promotion: Beer Money. In four long years, the two men grew a strong friendship and achieved tag team supremacy over the entire industry during that span. Eventually, both men started to outgrow the tag team scene and were ready to breakout and become singles wrestlers.

Roode went on to win the Bound For Glory Series and mainevented against Kurt Angle at TNA’s biggest show of the year. Roode lost his chance while Storm awaited on the sidelines. The latter was given a title shot against the World Heavyweight Champion Angle and defeated him. Storm did something Roode couldn’t and that was to become the world champion.

Unfortunately for Storm, he conceded to friendship and respect for Roode by giving him a title shot. Roode wouldn’t fail at capturing gold again at any cost. He took a beer bottle to the head of his best friend and pinned him to be crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Storm and Roode would wage a war against one another. Former best friends vying for the number one crown in TNA; Roode almost always getting the upperhand. Eventually, a stage was set. A battlefield in which Roode could not escape and would face Storm’s wraith. It was at Lockdown, inside of a steel cage, in Storm’s hometown of Nashville, TN; where the two faced off one on one in a long desired encounter. Trapped in by four cage doors and Storm’s family and fans; Roode was destined to lose his title. Things didn’t quite work out that way. It didn’t go according to plan for James Storm.

You see, James Storm went into Lockdown with the wrong mentality. Though he’d say in promos that all he wanted to do was beat Roode down, there was something else to him. It was almost as if he already assumed that Lockdown would be his coronation as a world champion. Storm’s first reign was nothing to him because it was taken away from him so quickly and so deceitfully.  But this time everything was going to go right for The Cowboy, he believed. This time it would mean something. It would be in front of his family, in his hometown and he’d do it by beating the living hell out of his betrayer.

But no, it didn’t happen. Storm’s dream was crush. He was kicked off of that high horse and brought down to earth. It was one misstep, one miscalculation that cost him his golden shot at the world championship.

Roode had set himself up on the ring apron in front of the cage door. Storm, bloodied and not as focused as he should have been, instinctively Last Call super-kicked Roode. His enemy fell through the weak cage door and landed on the floor unconscious……but victorious.

The look on Storm’s face as soon as Roode hit the floor was one of confusion. He was lost and perplexed by this. The crowd in attendance and at home was there with him too, at that moment everyone was dumbfounded by it. Then the referee signaled for the bell and the announcer broke Storm’s heart. It was announced that Bobby Roode was the winner and still the reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Storm was distraught. He had a defeated look on his face, disappointment and regret flowing through him and appearing in his body language. The thought that his perfect moment was taking away from him struck him hard. He was so close to achieving what he wanted the most. It didn’t happen. Roode had a golden stamp of luck delivered to his jaw via Storm’s boot. If Storm had been more focused or if Roode wouldn’t have beaten him down so hard throughout the match; he’d have been world champion that night.

Storm would go away from wrestling for awhile after that. Maybe he couldn’t live with himself having lost and disappointed himself and everyone or he just didn’t have the desire to go on wrestling anymore. Eventually, he came back to seek redemption and to get that moment back. He wanted to become world champion but Roode was still in his way. They faced off again, this time at Bound For Glory in a street fight. Storm got his revenge by beating Roode but it wasn’t for the world title. Now, seven months after Lockdown, Roode still keeps his former best friend away from the TNA World Heavyweight Title.  Storm has yet to fully recover after Lockdown it seems. Its all thanks to Bobby Roode and one unfortunate miscalculation.

It was a perfect setup that culminated in a perfect bitter moment. The pure emotion that was derived from that was immense and rare. At the time, fans were incredibly disappointed just as much as Storm’s character displayed. However, that fade as the moment built what would have been a perfect story of redemption for Storm. The story didn’t go exactly as the fans might have expected it but there’s not denying that James Storm losing it all at Lockdown laid a beautiful storytelling platform for which a wonderful climax could have bounced off of.

At least in my head, I can’t think of a greater moment that happened in TNA this year. Looking back, it was truly something to behold. It was great storytelling. It was a display of pure emotion in wrestling.

It was death to a dream.  

I want you to know that you reading this is much appreciated. Let me know what you think about the article and moment.


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  • Eric

    An odd choice to me since I remember many feeling cheated by that finish

  • SiD

    Still the only one that thinks Hardy’s title reign was the moment of TNA…….yeah, I’ll just go in my corner now…….but good job.

  • Charlie G

    Goddamn, it was such a great moment. On one hand, I really wanted to see Storm win at Lockdown. When he lost, I was in disbelief but not really pissed because that would only mean that Roode gets a longer reign.

    I think the “pay off” (Dat’s Roode’s finisher, no pun intended LULZ) would’ve been much bigger to this feud had they faced at BFG for the World title & then Storm wins and whatnot. Anyway, you know this Storm/Roode rivalry will stick with them (similar to AJ/Daniels) for the rest of their TNA careers. They’re bound to cross paths again & it’ll be great….again.

    • Jacob Is Botchtastic

      Absolutely agreed, Charlie.

  • Randy

    This moment was great. It seems that TNA really screwed it up though. Perhaps it would have been better had Storm actually won. Or, if Storm won the BFG series and Roode beat that charasmatic shell Austin Aries. God, TNA pisses me off sometimes.

    Good article here, Jacob.

    • Jacob Is Botchtastic

      Yeah they botched it all by caving in on Aries popularity (which they ruined by caving into Hardy’s contract demands) that shit pisses me off too.

      Thanks, Randy.

  • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

    I loved the feud between Roode and Storm, definitely the best TNA have done in a long, long time. The buzz going into Lockdown was unlike anything they had in recent years, sadly the crowd on the night sucked absolute ass but the match itself was good – corny-ish ending but in the long haul it was further tell the story.

    On EVE, I don’t know what Charlie’s submission will be but I feel as if it will – and if it is you may be boned – be Austin Aries winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I loved Storm and Roode, but Aries really is the TNA talking point of 2012, by a landslide, unless you count people taking the piss from the Claire Lynch storyline.

    • Jacob Is Botchtastic

      Stupid Aries and his stupid killing of Roode’s reign followed up by being buried into the ground by Hardy. Stupid Stupid Aries :(

      Thanks for reading, Jason.