Wednesday , 17 September 2014
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KENTA Officially Becomes a WWE Superstar in Osaka, Japan

KENTA is presented by Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart.

At the Saturday WWE live event in Osaka, Japan, KENTA was officially presented as the latest addition to the WWE roster. KENTA signed his contract inside the ring after “being scouted” by Hulk Hogan. WWE is billing the former NOAH star as a “mega Japanese superstar.” Rumours of KENTA going to WWE first appeared in January of this year when, ... Read More »

You Only Live Twice: Eddie Kingston Defends the Grand Championship vs. Icarus, Archibald Peck Takes On Jimmy Jacobs, and More!

Chikara returns

Wrestling is all about emotions. When Brock Lesnar broke The Undertaker’s undefeated WrestleMania Streak, it was shock. When Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, it was happiness. When MVP turned heel on Impact, it was anger. When CHIKARA closed its door temporarily on June 2, 2013, it was confusion. Everything seemed to be running smoothly, but apparently, it ... Read More »

TNA Sacrifice 2014 PPV: Tigre Uno vs. Sanada, A Tale of Pressure and Mutual Respect


“You are not only representing WRESTLE-1, but you are representing the entire industry of Japanese wrestling. Show and prove the quality of Japanese pro wrestling. This is your task.” – Keiji Mutoh to Sanada (March 13, 2014) When Seiya Sanada first started wrestling, he was 17 years old. A graduate of the All Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo, Sanada was a part of AJPW for ... Read More »