AJ Styles and Crimson Caught Having A Chat: What It Means For Impact

Since his departure from TNA several weeks ago, AJ Styles has gone off many fans radars. Apparently “fed up” with TNA and not wanting to be a corporate stooge, AJ retreated to his family and friends, leaving Impact in the process. For weeks, fans questioned what the Phenomenal One was up to, that is until last week on Impact.

It was there that the Impact camera’s went hunting for AJ in his home state of Georgia. Eventually, they found him, and the picture wasn’t pretty. The heavily bearded AJ demanded the camera crews leave him alone before storming out of his house.

Those same crews refused to abide by Style’s request though, as they once again attempted to hunt down AJ this week on Impact. Once again, they would find him, this time talking to a friend. Not surprisingly, AJ was less than pleased that the Camera Crew hadn’t abided by his wishers and quickly attacked one of the members.

While the attack was vicious and almost frightening, many fans could care less, instead focusing their attention on the man AJ Styles was talking to before the crew arrived. At first glance, it’s difficult to make out who the man is, but when freeze framed, it becomes evident who it was.

None other than Your Undefeated Hero, Crimson!

Crimson 2

We haven’t seen the 28 year old since his winning streak was snapped at Slammiversary at the hands of a returning James Storm. Since then, Crimson has disappeared from TV, instead honing his skills in TNA’s Developmental Territory, OVW.

What makes the news all the more intriguing is that Crimson seemed to be decked out in Aces & 8’s gear, or at least something the gang would wear. Could Crimson be joining in on the Aces & 8’s path of destruction?

Well, we won’t have to wait long to find out, as AJ Styles quickly tweeted out that he would be coming to Chicago next week for Impact uninvited, thus meaning that we’d finally be witnessing the return of the Phenomenal One. As if the first Impact on the road wasn’t a big enough draw, seeing AJ Styles back on TV certainly adds some extra incentive to tune in next week.

Once fans saw that it was indeed Crimson that AJ was conversing with, the rumor mill immediately kicked into action. The most prevalent of those rumors seemed to be that AJ and Crimson would be the next to turn their backs on TNA and join with the Aces & 8’s.

Since they began, A&8’s has been on a down hill slide due to poor booking and weak members. While men like Devon, DOC, Knox, Wes Brisco, and Garret Bischoff are all talented in their own rights (Ok, maybe not Garret and Wes, but you get the idea), none of them could truly be the face of a main event stable, and the group suffered because of that. Devon has worked well as the mouthpiece for the gang, but he simply isn’t a big enough star to lead a group that has had such a massive impact on Impact.

TNA would attempt to counter that issue by having Mr. Anderson turn heel and join the unit, but even that couldn’t make the group worthy of the main event spotlight, as Anderson didn’t really become the face of mouth of the unit. In fact, he has rarely spoken since joining them, and his name alone simply isn’t large enough to make the group seem legitimate, especially considering their incredibly weak and predictable booking.


That booking has seen the Aces & 8’s lose most of their Impact and PPV matches for their run in the company up until the last 2 weeks of Impact, we’re they’ve somewhat shockingly won 3 matches. Even when they aren’t in matches, the gang has looked weak and predictable. Normally, A&8’s just runs to the ring, hits a guy a couple times, then is forced to retreat due to the TNA locker room coming out to attack them. While I haven’t counted, I bet that exact scenario has played out at least 10 times since the biker gang formed several months ago.

Even on the most recent episode of Impact, they would take another hit in credibility, as D’lo Brown, someone who hasn’t been a big name in over a decade, was announced as the VP of the group after low blowing Kurt Angle. With all due respect to Brown, he simply is not a name in wrestling circles any more, so being such a huge part in such a huge angle came as a massive disappointment to many fans, as the spot should have been filled by someone who is at least a big time name. Hell, Joseph Parks would have fit perfectly as the VP.

It would seem that there is 1 man who can truly save this angle, 1 man who could life the Aces & 8’s on his back and revive a group that has seemingly died. He’s been with TNA since day 1, and his name is AJ Styles.

While I doubt he is the President or “Higher power” of the group (it seemed as if Crimson was recruiting him), AJ could fit perfectly into a group so desperate for a legit mega star that could put the group on his back. Due to Styles leaving the company because he was sick of being a corporate stooge for TNA, it would only make sense for him to return in a group that is desperately trying to tear apart that same company. It could easily act as AJ’s way of getting back at the company he feels has kept him down for so long.

We’ve seen AJ as a heel before, but never quite like this. Normally, heel AJ wears a suit and tie and basically acts like a cocky asshole. This time around, it would add yet another chapter to the phenomenal story of AJ Styles, as he instead looks to destroy TNA Impact by anyway necessary, almost looking for revenge.

It would be a side of AJ we’ve never quite seen before, making it unpredictable and a must watch event for sure. AJ Styles in general is a must watch star, so making him even more unpredictable would once again confirm many people’s beliefs that he is indeed one of the best wrestlers of all time.

AJ Styles and Crimson, an unlikely pair that could save the Aces & 8’s from near destruction.

AJ Styles