A Special WrestleEnigma Interview With WWE Superstar Seth Rollins (Humor)

Disclaimer: This is NOT the real Seth Rollins. This Seth is a roleplayer on twitter and has been following Rollins’ career for a bit now. This article is meant to entertain and for you, the readers, to enjoy.

Whether you know him as Seth Rollins or Tyler Black, Rollins name is well known amongst the so-called Internet Wrestling Community. From his humble beginnings in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla to his shining time in Ring of Honor to current WWE, Rollins has impressed many. The arguably most decorated star in FCW and now part of the main roster, Rollins has come far in his time. Now please sit down with me as we delve into the mind of Seth Rollins.

Q) Who or what was your inspiration for entering the wrestling business?

A) Since I was little I have been a wrestling fan. I remember staying up and cheering on Hulk Hogan as he went against Ultimate Warrior and can remember saying to myself that I really wanted to do that. It evolved more as I got older and saw guys like Brian, Punk and Cabana, who all seemed like every day guys, making major waves in the independent scene.

Q)  It’s been noted that people compare you to current WWE Champion CM Punk. How do you feel about the comparison?

A) I love Punk. It’s no secret that me and him actually almost lived together when I first moved down to train with ROH. The timing and financial instability on my end didn’t allow for it to happen though. Punk is one of the hardest workers in the business and has really helped to push me and other young guys to that upper level. I will say that I believe I am slightly better in the ring though and that I have never gone out an purposefully patterned myself after him.

Q) What’s it like working with one of the most exciting young wrestlers in the industry today, Dean Ambrose?

A) Dean is a different animal. I remember Dragon texting me about him when they had a feud in DGUSA and telling me that I needed to keep my eye out for him. Luckily enough for me I have been able to compete against him in some FCW classics and now working with him is one of the highlights of my week.

Q) You were a 2 time ROH tag team champion with Jimmy Jacobs in the team Doin it for Her. Would you like to see Jacobs brought up to WWE anytime soon?

A) Jimmy is one of my closest friends and honestly working with Jimmy again is always in the back of my mind. Would love to see WWE give him a chance, but I also know he is loving what he is currently doing in ROH.

Q) It’s known that Evan Bourne convinced you to come to WWE. What were your feelings at the time? Leaving ROH and coming to WWE?

A) At the time I was very excited and nervous. I hadn’t been wrestling that long and still at times feel new to the business. It’s all about taking the doors that are open to you though and reaching this level is something few can say they have done. I knew leaving ROH would be hard because it had become my home at the time. The guys down there did me well though and supported me during the transition.

Q) Do you miss ROH at all?

A) I will say I miss working with some of the people yes. Guys like the Briscoes, Jimmy, Nigel, etc. All great guys who deserve the highest praise and are all outstanding wrestlers.

Q) You’ve accomplished a lot since arriving in FCW such as the first FCW Grand Slam Champion. Now you’re the current NXT Champion, what does that title mean to you?

A) The title means everything to me. I have been fortunate enough in every company I have worked with to stand out and be given the opportunity to shine. Whenever you are able to compete and hold a title for the company that tells you that you are someone they take pride in and are in full support of.

Q) Now I’ve personally seen people compare you to John Morrison or Jeff Hardy. Any thoughts on those comparisons?

A) Jeff is an interesting comparison. I have seen a comparison of Punk and Jeff’s love child. I will take the comparison because both Jeff and John are great guys and really good workers. I normally try to steer clear from being compared though because I prefer to let my wrestling speak for itself.

Q) Reflecting on it all, a young kid from Davenport, Iowa going on to becoming a WWE superstar, do you have anything to say?

A) Actually I am from Buffalo, Iowa, but reflecting on watching Hogan to being in the house that Hogan built? I am positive the 7 year old kid could not have dreamed of this. I still have a lot I want to accomplish, but if I were to get injured tomorrow this has been a hell of a ride.

Q) You’ve had some battles with ROH notable and current TNA star Austin Aries. What was it like working with Aries?

A) Aries is an interesting character. Great in ring talent, but he always rubbed me wrong outside the ring. Glad to see TNA believe in him enough to put the title on him though. Working with him was probably the thing that got me seriously looked at by WWE.

Q) You worked in FCW, now NXT, for about 2 years now. Are there any names you see becoming big stars in the future?

A) To name a couple who are currently on the NXT roster I would say Kassius Ohno, Bray Wyatt, Big E Langston, and Adrian Neville. Those are the ones that first come to mind. Don’t take your eyes off Neville. He has the look and skill to make it big. Also CJ Parker is another to keep your eye on.

Q) I’ll say a name and you respond with your thoughts.

Q) Daniel Bryan? American Dragon and best technical wrestle in the world.

Q) Dean Ambrose? Greatest talker to grace a wrestling ring.

Q) Kassius Ohno? Concussion machine.

Q) Antonio Cesaro? Verbally abuses you in 5 languages, physically abuses you in 5 minutes.

Q) CM Punk? Best worker the WWE has seen in a long time.

Q) Austin Aries? Best thing in TNA in 2012

Q) Jimmy Jacobs? Amazing friend, better wrestler.

Q) Finally, Seth Rollins? The Future.


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