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Kane vs Vickie vs Maddox: Who Will Run Monday Night Raw?

Monday Night Raw aired from England this week, and as UK shows often are, it was quite a fun time. We saw handicap matches, title matches, broken tables, and some fun moments from the crowd. However, there was also a major question that was constantly being addressed during the broadcast- Who the hell is even running Raw? With The Authority ... Read More »

Wrestling News: Kane Given New Job; Billy Corgan To Buy TNA? (Humor)

KANE BECOMES DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS WWE has always been a place in which people are given second chances. Hulk Hogan. Shawn Michaels. Ultimate W… never mind. But today, the wrestling promotion has taken this policy to new levels. Because today, Triple H made former WWE Champion Kane the company’s ‘Director of Operations’. Quite how a demonic, psychopathic murderer / necrophiliac ... Read More »

A Monster Is Missing From WWE: Where Is Kane?

16 years. It’s taken 16 years for the fire known as Kane’s career to rise. The Undertaker, Edge, and more all have have helped to keep it burning, but the monster himself has truly been the reason for it’s scorching heat and spectacular size. Kane’s won every title WWE offers, defeated every opponent to cross his path, and carved out ... Read More »

Wrestling Greats: WWE’s Big Red Machine Kane’s Career Retrospective

Bad Blood, 1997, the time where the Phenom, the Icon, The Undertaker’s career would forever change. For months, Undertaker’s manager and father, Paul Bearer, sent warning cries to the Deadman that his brother Kane, whom Undertaker had thought died in the deadly house fire that changed his life forever, was still alive, and he wanted some of his older brother. ... Read More »