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5 Count: Why Matt Morgan Needs a World Title Run Now-ish

Matt Morgan is a guy that brings up some conversation in the TNA fan base.Some see him as the future and a World Champ in the near future while others think TNA has blown their chance to make him a star with their previous mishandling of him when he was pushed previously. I think it’s getting to be about the time for TNA to crap or get off the pot with Matt and here’s why.

Number 5: The Look
Matt is listed at 7ft tall, 325lbs, and is an absolute aura of intimidation. When you see Matt Morgan you see a guy you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley or someone you just wouldn’t want to make mad. When Matt Morgan walks in a room you’re gonna give him a second look because it’s impossible not to. The guy is simply a beast with a bad look. Not too many guys have the combination of size and intimidation factor like Matt and I’m surprised he hasn’t been rewarded sooner.

Number 4: In Ring Acumen

Most bigger wrestlers suffer with the problem that they just can’t execute in the ring like their smaller counterparts. In Matt Morgan’s case this isn’t true. He has a sizable move-set some people much smaller than he don’t have. He is quick, agile, surprisingly swift, and has a large technical skill set for a man of a 7ft stature and this puts him in rarefied air in my opinion. With his compiled size and ability Matt could make a great muscle man for a smaller wrestler and he finds himself in that role to a certain degree with Joey Ryan. ( A Matt Morgan Tribute)  But what he has that most muscle men don’t is…

Number 3: Mic Skills
I’m not saying he’s a standout by any means. I’m just saying that if he were given the task of going out to stand toe to toe on the mic with a Bobby Roode or James Storm I think he could do that and not only hang with, but contend with the better talkers and maybe just maybe outshine them. That obviously would be a long shot but it could happen and if it does, you can all look to me as a great predictor.

Number 2: He’s Not Getting Any Younger
Just in case you didn’t know, Matt Morgan is 36 years of age. Usually when wrestlers start to get into that range they’re in their prime shape and can go nowhere but down. Now I don’t believe Matt has reached the zenith of his potential so to speak but he is inching closer and closer to it every day. I think now is the time for TNA to make their move with him and decide if he’s a champ or not because we may not get a chance to see if they wait too long.

Number 1: He’s Paid His Dues
For those of you who don’t know Matt Morgan is actually a former WWE superstar who enjoyed a mediocre career for the Stamford based mega promotion. But he didn’t start out in TNA as a big bad ass kicker either. When he debuted he was merely the back up to then “Management Director” Jim Cornette. His main goal was to make sure that anyone that entered Jim’s office left the office in the same physical condition as before. Then in April of 08 Jim relieved him of his assistant duties and allowed him to become a full-time competitor. This would begin a journey that included a few top of the line feuds, a few less than stellar placements, and racked up a couple of tag title reigns. Matt has been active in TNA for 4 years and in total he’s been in the business a decade, give or take a few months. For his troubles he’s been given a few shot’s at TNA’s number 1 championship but I think it’s about time he gets to finally win the big one.

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Here’s to tomorrow, Cheers. 


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  • DJ Huk

    Totally agree: he should be vying for the championship against Hardy, Roode, or whoever. He has a certain compelling personality, too, I mean, check out those car insurance commercials he does–memorable.

  • Jacob Is Botchtastic

    Yes. Just Yes.

  • Brett Chandler

    1) When you think of a stereotypical wrestler, you probably think of Matt Morgan. Big, tall, bulky and tattooed. He definitely has that going for him. If he had another look, I doubt his character would work just as well.

    2) Morgan is definitely a good big man in the ring. I would actually say that he might be the best big man in the wrestling business (sans Kane and maybe Big Show) FULLY active in the wrestling business right now. If you watch his match with Angle for the TNA Championship a few years ago, you can see that, and I’m pretty sure he’s improved since then.

    3) Morgan is no Ric Flair on the mic, I agree, but he can hold his own. His WWE promos sucked and his early TNA promos weren’t too good either, but he’s comfortable on the stick now and is more than capable of cutting a passable-to-great promo. His promos work better when he’s a heel, however.

    4) Holy shit, Morgan’s 36? I expected him to be no more than 32. In that case, yeah, TNA should strike while the iron’s hot (and it’s extremely hot right now).

    5) I’m not asking for Morgan to beat Jeff Hardy for his World Title tomorrow, but a reign in late 2013 is very likely in my eyes. He could be a BIG heel for TNA, especially that he has Hogan’s backing now. The fans react well to him since he’s a household name and has proven himself time and time again.

    Good article, Marc. Definitely an enjoyable read. Not sure if it’s my browser or not, but the formatting screwed up a little bit at the end during your send-off.

  • Eric

    Man I remember the first BFG series, I pushed so hard for Morgan to win. He was on such a hot streak and he looked like a legitimate champion and still is. A heel persona works just as well for him. He should move closer to the title picture and away from Joey Ryan.

  • Charlie G

    I definitely agree with this article. He’s been with TNA for, what, 5 years? And, in all that time, has never held a singles title.

    Now, with this new heel persona, I think Morgan should be closer to the TNA World Championship than ever before. I feel like The Blueprint is definitely one of the top guys to watch out for in 2013.

  • ARob727

    That picture of him with the titles is begging for a “I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS” meme.