5 Count: Why a Cena Heel Turn Would Be Good

Now I know what you’re probably thinking “Good God another turn Cena heel article, will these people every stop and realize he’s never turning?” Short answer: Yes. I know full well Cena will never turn heel but this is just 5 reasons why turning him would be a good idea. So lets begin shall we?

Number 5: To Finally Shut The IWC Up
Jericho used to ask people if they would “Please shut the hell up” and that’s where a lot of WWE fans have gotten to as far as the Cena heel talk is concerned. It seems every time the smallest thing comes up the IWC just explodes with “Turn Cena Heel” and “Heel Cena Coming Back?” posts across the internet cosmos. Actually pulling the trigger on the deal would get them to shut up about it for at least a minute and enjoy it until the next nitpick comes along. Now as for the more serious reasons…

Number 4: Ratings
For a startling amount of time WWE’s ratings have become completely average to sub par and that can’t sit well with Vince McMahon and the WWE brass. That being said if John Cena were to go to the dark side so to speak we could see ratings skyrocket as people would tune in every week to see why Cena would do such a thing and what he will become as a heel. A Cena heel turn could freshen the product. Speaking of which…

Number 3: Freshen the Product
For as long as a lot of people can remember John Cena has been the happy go lucky, never say quit super duper good guy and I can say with certainty that some people are sick of it. To some Cena is played out in his current character and that leads to less enjoyment during the course of the show because they know his act consists of a few corny jokes, a paragraph of serious, and the occasional mention of how the crowd is split toward him. Sure every now and again we see Cena as a serious character that people seem to enjoy. As a heel we could see the serious Cena come through moreover than the cheap joke cracking, happy go lucky, smiles for miles John Cena we all know and…know.


Number 2: Shake up the Main Event
Lets put it in the simplest way… John Cena has faced absolutely every person he can as a main event face. We’ve seen face Cena vs heel Punk, heel Del Rio, heel Big Show, heel this, heel that, and heel the other thing. The point is if he was put in a feud with say Kofi Kingston that could do wonders for Kofi to be in a program with the biggest star in wrestling. Really the lack of main event freshness lends itself more to WWE’s lack of ability to make new main eventers but a heel Cena could get some of the young faces over getting into a program with “Corporate” John Cena. Why corporate John Cena? Here’s why…


Number 1: WWE Is Staring a Blockbuster Storyline In The Face and Doing Nothing About It
When Hulk Hogan turned heel the NWO was born, When Rock went Corporate it solidified him as a mega star. If John Cena were to do a screw over type thing and then come out and say it
was all because he was sick of ignoring just how damn great he really is it’d blow a hole in the WWE Universe. Lets take a trip down fantasy avenue shall we? Picture if you will John Cena vs CM Punk in a match at a major PPV where this is Cena’s last chance at Punk’s WWE title…EVER. Now lets say they have another great match and then all the sudden a ref bump occurs and out walks Vince McMahon with a chair and he slides it to Cena giving him the choice to finish it his way or Vince’s. Cena picks up the chair, looks at it, then looks at Punk, then looks at Vince, then back at Punk, then back at the chair, then fakes like he’s gonna toss out the chair and…BOOM! Chair shot to CM Punk’s head and Cena drops down and goes for the 3. The crowd doesn’t know what the hell just happened as Paul Heyman, CM Punk, and the entire audience look on in astounded horror at Cena and Vince embracing in the ring. Then the next night on RAW Vince introduces Cena and he explains that the good boy act was just that…an act. He says Vince told him as long as he acted like the super hero so the company could make millions Vince would make every dream he had come true and he’s just tired of playing. Snap back to reality now and realize that a setup like that could send shock waves throughout not only WWE but wrestling in general. WWE could sell “Why Cena Why” shirts that would sell like crack in the inner city.  They could remake the Corporation, get some young blood heels in the main event scene as members, and use the angle to create 2 or 3 main eventers over lets say a year long process where Cena goes bad, gets in too deep, loses his smile, comes close to the brink, finds himself again, and returns to TV to help the faction of young faces to rid WWE of the evil he created.

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