5 Count: Superstars It’s Time To Let Go

We’ve all given up on something at some point in life, it happens and there’s nothing we can do but hold on to a lost cause. Speaking of lost causes it’s time to take a look at 5 lost causes that WWE should just give up on.

Number 5: Drew McIntyre
The man once highly touted as the “Chosen One” hand picked by Vince McMahon himself to be the future World Heavyweight Champion and the future of WWE. Then after an unfortunate domestic dispute between he and his then wife Taryn Terrell aka Tiffany(The very same that’s the current KO division ref in TNA) his push and screen time suddenly vanished.

He went from a bona-fide sure thing and a future main eventer to fighting for time on WWE Superstars. Earlier in the year there were rumors of him being repackaged and getting a new push but those were just rumors and he is now part of 3MB. All things considered Drew should be a big star by now and his character is instead irreparably damaged to the point where it might be best to just cash out and go home.

                                                                 Number 4: Ezekiel Jackson
Big Zeke debuted as the muscle to The Brian Kendrick and once he became a wrestler made his biggest claim to fame by beating Christian to become the last ECW Champion. He was then made out to be a dominant force and found himself as a member of the ill-fated Corre stable where he branched off to feud with Wade Barrett and win the Intercontinental Championship.

After losing it he sort of faded off and has been used sparingly since. Whatever plans they had for him have dried up and he now is just sort of guy on the roster and WWE would get more out of just letting him go do his own thing.

                                                           Number 3: JTG
What is with WWE and JTG? He has done absolutely nothing since Shad Gaspard was released and yet he still has a job with this company and still gets on TV every now and again. I often find myself wondering what sort of blackmail JTG has on the talent relations department. (Maybe Johnny Ace is secretly hiding a wealth of talent that he refuses to use or share with us) Any possible way you cut it JTG should’ve been given up on long ago and he’s not higher on the list because it’s just too obvious.

                                                          Number 2: Tensai

Now I personally like Tensai but I can see that his return has been nothing short of a massive disappointment. He was regarded as a former WWE superstar who dominated the competition in Japan and was a force to be reckoned with and that’s how it started. But after a handful of sloppy matches and his inability to shake his former name he finds himself off of TV and doing not much at all.

While he may be high on the list I think he is easiest to save by putting him in a feud with someone like Sheamus because they’re previous clashes have been quite enjoyable. If however such a feud isn’t in the cards WWE should let Tensai go back to Japan where he was happy and was apparently doing great ring work.

                                                       Number 1: Alberto Del Rio
This may or may not come as a shock to people but Del Rio is not at the level he should be at come this stage of his WWE career. Now he may be a former 2x WWE Champion and a former Money In The Bank winner but facts being facts he is two things…Not over, and boring. For whatever reason he can’t make a connection with the WWE Universe and I personally can’t put my finger on it. He is a solid worker and he is fine on the mic but yet nobody seems to give a damn when he opens his mouth or steps in the ring. It’s time for WWE to either pull back the curtains and find out what is stopping him from being as over as he should be or cut their losses and let him go back to wherever he was before WWE or wherever he wants to go now.

And it is all over. That does it for me and another addition of the critically acknowledged 5 Count. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @MYO716 and until we meet again…
Here’s to tomorrow, Cheers.