11th Anniversary Show: The Briscoes Against reDRagon, ROH World Tag Team Championships

The Briscoes have been Ring of Honor true and proud since its inception, capturing their eighth ROH World Tag Team Championship at Final Battle in December, immediately challenging any team on the face of the planet to step-up and test themselves against Dem Boys.

Since this they’ve defended their ROH World Tag Team Championships successfully, on four occasions, fending off The American Wolves, Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, and Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs at National Pro Wrestling Day, one of the most anticipated matches on that card.

Now they face another team gunning for the right to call themselves “the best,” in the form of Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, reDRagon.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly earned a tag title opportunity with their Gauntlet Match victory over The American Wolves, after the Wolve had already defeated both The Bravados and SCUM in back-to-back battles, falling victims to a post match attack at the hands of Corino and Jacobs, weakening them for their bout with reDRagon.

Still, The Wolves persevered through the beating and nearly captured a victory in their third straight match but due to a combination of the beating and the freshness of their young opponents, Fish and O’Reilly captured the victory and earned their title shot!

“This is what Kyle and I became a team for.” said Bobby Fish to ROHWrestling.com in Baltimore, “We earned our shot by beating one of the most lauded tag teams in ROH history; a team that can claim to be former Tag Champions, they are both former World Champions, Eddie is a former TV Champion, Survival of the Fittest winner, and the first Triple Crown champ in ROH history…and we beat them straight up.

“Whatever happened before we got in the ring is neither here nor there, all that matters is what happened when that last bell rang. Kyle and I will be your next tag team champions and we will do it by beating THE definitive tag team in Ring of Honor at the 11th Anniversary. This isn’t bragging, this isn’t tough talk, this is the reality of ROH’s future.”

Despite their words, The Briscoes won’t be intimidated by reDRagon, having come up against similar, youthful opposition with aspirations for championship gold in mind, as detailed on a deleted scene from ROH Wrestling two weeks ago which Ring of Honor promptly posted on their YouTube channel.

O’Reilly and Fish make a great unit, both have exceptional technical wrestling ability with an offense exhibiting some deadly kick based maneuvers. Despite this my money is on the stalwarts, Dem Boys, The Briscoe Brothers. From the outset of this title reign they’ve been raising the bar, and eventually tag teams from outside ROH will be coming to test themselves against argubly the best team in the world.

Prediction: The Briscoes