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11th Anniversary Show: Coleman & Alexander Defend ROH Against SCUM, Corino and Jacobs

Steve Corino has been labeled through the years by many as an incredible talent, who never got the true chance to show his potential. Often praised for his in-ring knowledge and ring psychology, the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion has been a regular in Ring of Honor since the beginning, whether it be in a managerial, commentary or in-ring position.

But now the “King of Old-School” is hell-bent on one thing – killing Ring of Honor.

Alongside Jimmy Jacobs and ROH World Champion Kevin Steen, the trio known as SCUM have riddled Ring of Honor since their formation at last years Border Wars iPay-Per-View, the event in-which Steen captured the ROH World Championship from then champion Davey Richards, bringing to light what has been dubbed as a reign of destruction.

Whereas in the ealry days of the faction, Steen seemed the aggressor when speaking out on his aspirations to finish ROH, now Corino has taken the position and has shown recently on ROH Wrestling TV that he is not one to simply talk about it, he wants to do it. And now, this Saturday night, Steve Corino has made two vows to celebrate ROH’s 11th year in existence.

One, that SCUM will grow. And two, that Ring of Honor will die.

However, behind all these threats and vows stands a roster full of young, competition driven performers who aspire to reach their potential while competing in ROH. Two of these men come in the form of C&C Wrestle Factory, Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander.

“Steve Corino” added Caprice Coleman, speaking to “I have known you a long time now and never have I known you to be what I would call a good person. Even on the days you smiled in my face, in my heart, I knew you were planning how to put a knife in my back. Still I thought, I had hoped you’d changed, maybe you even thought you’d changed, but since that day you chose to embrace Kevin Steen once again, you’ve been turning back into a monster.

“You may be worse than you’ve ever been Steve and since you have made it your mission to watch ROH burn, Cedric and I will make it our mission to stand against you. We will fight with our last breath to protect ROH and defend what honor means to us. Your goal to end ROH on its birthday will be a failed one Steve Corino.”

This match sees two men, who have helped build Ring of Honor, who have seen countless names go on from it and achieve greatness such as Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Tyler Black and Samoa Joe, come up against one of its hottest and building tag teams, the young Cedric Alexander and the veteran Caprice Coleman.

Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs represent all that is “evil” in Ring of Honor, and this Saturday, they’ve to back up their words with action. With Kevin Steen’s patience with them seemingly wearing thin It’ll be interesting to see how much involvement they have with this event as a whole, because while Caprice and Cedric oppose them, Corino has one eye on Jay Lethal.

Coming off a couple recent losses I could see why an argument needs to be made for SCUM, who have a spotlight upon them this Saturday, need the win. However, Caprice and Cedric are still a young, growing tag team and a win over two veterans such as Corino and Jacobs could see them return into contendership for the ROH World Tag Team Championships.

Prediction: Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

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Jason Patrick is an Irish writer and journalism student, he is the brain behind bringing Ring of Honor content to Wrestle Enigma and is an avid fan of the promotion, as well as others such as WWE, NJPW and some independent promotions. You can follow him on Twitter @JasonPatrickWE
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  • Paul McIntyre

    SCUM sound like a much more demonic version of The Shield. I guess they ripped them off, like Shield ripped off Nexus, the N.W.O. rip-offs that ripped off the Four Horsemen (that was all a joke, by the way, so please don’t kill me).

    Honestly, I don’t see how a combination of Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino (who from what I’ve seen is everything you described) could be anything less than magnificently “b*stardish”. Although do they have Dean SAVIOUR OF WRESTLING Ambrose? I think not.

    I’m sure it will be an excellent show. Enjoy, ROH fans.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    I know its my stupid opinion but Coleman/Alexander should win this just based on priniciple. I’m not an ROH fan to say the least but seeing an old man and a midget win over two young up-coming guys like Coleman/Alexander is kind of stupid to me. Then again, I’d be cool with SCUM winning as long as they do it dirty and realistic.

  • Eric

    I thought the Briscoes gave Caprice/Cedric a title shot after they won at Final battle?

    Anyway, this match interests me solely for Caprice/Cedric and Corino. C & C interest me for some reason; they just seem like a cool tag team. Corino, from what I’ve seen, is awesome on the mic. Loved his commentary at Final Battle and it’s made me a mini-fan of his

    • Jaykub StalksAWitch

      They had it on an episode of ROH TV, don’t know if they lost clean or not though.

      • Eric

        Welp, that’s anti-climactic