11th Anniversary Show: Charlie Haas And BJ Whitmer Collide In A No Holds Barred Match


In the last month Charlie Haas has gone solo, attacking former tag team partner Shelton Benjamin, literally kicking him out of the company, ranting on a plethora of topics from his official YouTube account, attacking ringside officials, both physically and verbally, insulting Ring of Honor management publicly and even disrupting a recent public appearance to assault BJ Whitmer.

Haas is now flying solo, and the most hated man in Ring of Honor plans to make a statement at the 11th Anniversary Show when he faces one of his biggest foes in recent months, in a No Holds Barred match which could see both men pour out onto the streets of Chicago – because whether it be in a ring or on the street, neither man cares where they have to go to inflict damage on the other.

BJ Whitmer is one of the toughest men to ever step foot in Ring of Honor, no stranger to hardcore, bash ‘em out brawls Whitmer and Haas were at one anothers throats in recent months during the lengthy feud between Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and Rhett Titus, which culminated in a bizare, violent brawl at Final Battle which saw Whitmer take a nasty bump from an Exploder Suplex through a table.

“I went to Nigel in Cincinnati,” said Whitmer to ROHWrestling.com, “and I asked him, begged him basically, not to suspend Charlie. That’s not punishment for a guy like Haas, it just means he gets to stay home and drink beer. I came to Nigel with one thought on my mind, punishing Charlie the only way he really understands, in the middle of the ring in Chicago.

“Nigel agreed to my request for that match, and maybe…just maybe…I might have suggested that he up the ante for such a landmark as the 11th anniversary. I might have floated out the idea of a street fight or a no holds barred match, just suggestions.”

Nigel McGuinness listed and has made the match between two of the toughest men Ring of Honor has to offer. Haas is one of the most entertaining heels working today, inciting furious reactions from live audiences wherever ROH goes, gaining a lot of attention as he goes it on his own, many hoping that at the end of this journey Haas could eventually stand atop the Ring of Honor mountain.

BJ Whitmer took a huge bump at Final Battle, one he was lucky to survive. Whitmer is no stranger to brawls, he has been involved in some of the bloodiest matches Ring of Honor has to offer and on March 2nd, from the Frontier Fieldhouse, Chicago, Illinois whether he wins or loses, one thing this Ring of Honor veteran will do is leave the fans knowing they witnessed a fight.

Prediction: Charlie Haas